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Under what conditions does twin pregnancy occur?
The formation of a single fetus in the womb is called a singleton pregnancy, while the presence of two fetuses is called twins, and the presence of three fetuses is called triplets. Twin pregnancies can occur as identical twins or fraternal twins. Identical twin is the fertilization of a single egg by a single sperm. In the following days, as a result of the division of the fertilized egg, two fetuses with the same genetic characteristics are formed. Fraternal twins are when two sperm fertilize a fraternal egg. These babies have different appearances and genetic codes. Generally, their genders are different. Identical twins are usually of the same gender. Some anomalies may be observed depending on the day of egg division. In cases of division on the 13th day or later, conjoined twins called Siamese twins are formed.

When is twin pregnancy diagnosed?
With the introduction of transvaginal ultrasound into our lives and its routine use, twin pregnancy is diagnosed in the 6th week of pregnancy, that is, in the 4th week after fertilization. 20-30 years ago, multiple pregnancy diagnoses were only detected at birth. Today, it can be understood extremely early.

What are the symptoms of twin pregnancy?
In a twin pregnancy, the symptoms encountered in a normal pregnancy occur more intensely. Examples include more frequent and intense nausea and vomiting, increased urination, a feeling of more tightness in the breasts, and faster growth of the abdominal area. A definitive diagnosis is made in the 6th week of pregnancy. These symptoms are not always very obvious. It can also be understood as a singleton pregnancy and the definitive diagnosis can be made with ultrasound in later weeks of pregnancy.

twin pregnancy

​What should expectant mothers who are expecting twins pay attention to?
Twin pregnancy falls into the risky pregnancy groups. It needs to be followed up in more detail by the doctor and observed in more detail by the expectant mother. Mothers expecting twins; People should be very careful about nutrition, physical activity, work life, doctor's check-ups, vitamin intake and exercise. Especially vitamin and mineral deficiencies must be eliminated. Since the calorie requirement will be higher, it is necessary to eat accordingly and visit the doctor regularly. In the case of twin babies, more frequent and closer doctor monitoring is required.

How to decide on the appropriate delivery method for twin babies?
The type of birth in a twin pregnancy is decided according to the general condition of the mother, the week of pregnancy, the weight of the babies and the position of the babies at arrival. If there is no problem with the mother, if the babies are born early, a caesarean section may be necessary to avoid trauma to the babies. If both babies reach head position, normal birth is performed. However, in cases where the first one is breech and the other is cephalic, or if the babies are latched and birth becomes impossible, a cesarean section must be performed.

How is cord blood taken in twin babies?
Cord blood is the stem cell that contains all the genetic characteristics of the person. It is taken from the cord of babies and stored, especially for use in hereditary diseases. In fraternal twins, blood must be taken separately from each baby. These are genetically completely different individuals. Since identical twins have 99.9% identical genetic characteristics, it can be taken from a single baby, but it is not recommended. Because it may be less in quantity and there is a possibility of genetic differences, it is ideal to take blood from the other baby.

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