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The pregnancy period is considered to be 9 months and 10 days, i.e. 40 weeks, from the first day of the last menstrual period. During pregnancy follow-up, your doctor; It will keep you informed by monitoring the pregnancy and the development of the baby, based on weeks rather than months. Therefore, knowing the week calculation is useful for pregnant women and their relatives. (You can use the table below for this.) If there is no risk of premature birth, births are usually between 38-40. It takes place over weeks. In some cases 41-43. The pregnancy process may last up to weeks.

In gestational week calculation methods, the first day of your last menstrual period is considered as the pregnancy start date. The expected date of birth is; It is estimated as after 40 weeks. Births usually do not occur exactly after 40 weeks, it is considered normal for them to occur a few weeks early or a few weeks late.


(Please consult your doctor for detailed information.)

​What is your week?

Pregnancy Period

​3. Period

​What month is it?

​2. Period

​1. Period

​1-4 Weeks

​5-8 Weeks

​9-13 Weeks

​14-17 Weeks

​18-21 Weeks

​22-26 Weeks

​27-30 Weeks

​31-35 Weeks

​36-40 Weeks

​1. Moon

​2. Moon

3 months

4 months

5. Ay

​6. Moon

​7. Moon

8th month

​9. Moon

Calculating Date of Birth
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