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​For women without any known history of disease, routine pre-pregnancy tests are as follows;

• Blood groups of mother and father
• Complete blood count
• Full urinalysis
• Fasting blood sugar
• Hepatitis B
• Toxoplasma
• Rubella (rubella)
• Chromosome examinations (consanguineous marriages, those with a family history of genetic diseases)

• Pap-smear test (applied if not performed within the last 1 year)

What to do during pregnancy in pregnant women who do not have any specific risk factors

The tests are as follows;

• Complete blood count
• Full urinalysis
• Fasting blood sugar
• HBs Ag
• HIV testing
• Syphilis (VDRL)
• TORCH (Diseases such as Toxoplasma, chickenpox, scarlet fever, mumps, gonorrhea, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes simplex type 2 can be checked)
• Sugar loading test (Week 24 - 28)
• Indirect Coombs test
• Thyroid function tests
• Ultrasonography

The tests that need to be done to monitor the baby's development and health are as follows;

• 11-14. Nuchal pleat measurement and dual screening test with ultrasonography between weeks of pregnancy
• 16-18. Alpha Feta Protein test between weeks of pregnancy
• 20-24. Ultrasonographic fetal anomaly research and fetal biometry (2nd level ultrasonography) during the gestational week
• Amniocentesis (16th – 18th week)
• CVS (Week 10-12)

(Please consult your doctor for detailed information.)

Hamilelikte Yapılması Gereken Testler
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