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Many physical changes occur in the body of the expectant mother due to pregnancy. Some of those; Rapid weight gain, changes in hormone levels, increased secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands, swelling of hands and feet due to increased edema in the body, vaginal discharge, and dry skin.


Because; It is recommended that the pregnant woman take a warm shower every day, standing or sitting on a stool in the shower, and apply oily cream, especially to the abdomen, hips and breast areas, after bathing to prevent skin dryness. During pregnancy, it is better for health to take a bath by sitting in the shower or by pouring water. In this way, the danger of the pregnant woman slipping and falling is prevented, and the pregnant woman's body, which is already tired, relaxes more when taking a shower while sitting, instead of getting tired by standing in the shower. The water temperature should be set to warm. Too hot water during bath

should be avoided. Water temperature of 36°-37° is ideal. After shower deodorant etc. equipment should be avoided.


Additionally, vaginal douching should be avoided during pregnancy. Because vaginal douching is the normal defense of the vagina.

disrupts the mechanism. Due to increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy; importance of vaginal hygiene

feeding, wearing cotton underwear, wearing tight and tight clothing that may cause moisture to remain

clothing should be avoided. Cotton underwear is often worn during pregnancy.

should be changed and tampons should not be used. On the other hand, cotton daily pads

available. If there is a large amount of colored and foul-smelling vaginal discharge, consult a doctor.

must be applied.

Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy; mammary glands begin to function and yellow-white

It can be observed that colored milk is coming. Pregnant; can clean the nipple with a warm soapy cloth.

During pregnancy, bras that will support the breast from below and are not too tight should be preferred.

During pregnancy and even with the decision to become pregnant, dental cleaning and care becomes very important. In particular, it is recommended that you meet with your dentist to ensure your oral and dental health before getting pregnant. During pregnancy, you must clean your teeth with a soft brush after every meal.

(Please consult your doctor for detailed information.)

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