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The woman must first prepare herself mentally and physically for the pregnancy period . It is ideal to have a doctor's check-up at least 3 months before getting pregnant. In the first stage of the examination, the gynecological history is questioned along with the presence of systemic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and thyroid diseases. Then, the family history of the spouses is investigated and it is questioned whether there is any genetic disease. After the history, a general physical examination and gynecological examination are performed. If a pap-smear test has not been performed in the last year, a pap-smear test is performed. Pelvic organs are checked with transvaginal ultrasonography. During the examination, height, weight and blood pressure are also measured. Additionally, routine pre-pregnancy screening tests are requested.


For a healthy pregnancy and a healthy mother and baby, the woman must also be completely healthy. For this reason, it is best to get pregnant in a planned way by starting a doctor's check-up at least 3 months before getting pregnant. Because the first weeks of pregnancy are very important for fetal development. It is ideal for the expectant mother to be prepared physically and spiritually from the first weeks.

Recommendations for expectant mothers who want to get pregnant:

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  • As a result of the tests required before pregnancy, rubella, hepatitis B, etc. If immunity is not detected, vaccination is required. Pregnancy can be achieved 3 months after vaccination.

  • Eating habits should be regulated before getting pregnant. The use of artificial sweeteners, packaged foods, acidic drinks and caffeine should be reduced. It is necessary to stay away from unpasteurized dairy products, spicy meats, poorly cleaned vegetables (sucuk, sausages, etc.), cold meat, chicken and fish, and foods that are not fresh.

  • Blood sugar needs to be regulated.

  • If you smoke, you should quit as soon as possible.

  • Alcohol use should be limited.

  • It is recommended to avoid stress as much as possible.

  • For those who keep cats at home, gloves should be used when caring for the cat and hands should be washed thoroughly afterwards.

  • It is necessary to avoid unnecessary medication use and radiation exposure.

  • It is recommended to start folic acid and vitamin supplements about 3 months before pregnancy.

  • It is also recommended to exercise regularly.

  • No number can be given regarding the frequency of sexual intercourse to get pregnant. However, the frequency of sexual intercourse should be increased, especially on ovulation dates calculated according to menstrual periods.

(Please consult your doctor for detailed information.)

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